MEME x Vans

About MEME x Vans

We’re excited to unveil our next exclusive artist drop. This time, we’re featuring the amazing abstract digital artist, VansDesign. Vans has created 3 new exclusive works with multiple levels of supply. We do things a little different here at MEME. To mint these brand new NFTs, you must first stake $MEME tokens. Lock up to 5 tokens at a time in this new Vans pool. Over time, you’ll earn some pineapples and you can mint a brand-new, exclusive MEME x VANSDESIGN NFT.

Farm3 NFTs


  • 500 left
  • 10 Pineapples
Supply 500


  • 100 left
  • 45 Pineapples
Supply 100


  • 10 left
  • 60 Pineapples
Supply 10