Honeypot part II: Diamond Hands

About Honeypot part II: Diamond Hands

BadgerDAO has always been about games. After all, Bitcoin itself is a massive money game with different participants locked in a never ending battle to secure and drive the network. In the most gamified experience to date Badger DAO has partnered once again with the MEME team to launch the Honeypot part II: Diamond Hands.

Farm3 NFTs

Badger Digg: Wack-A-Badger

  • 200 left
  • 15 Pineapples
Supply 200

Badger Digg: Badgerpack Joyride

  • 50 left
  • 50 Pineapples
Supply 50

Badger Digg: Battle Badger

  • 10 left
  • 100 Pineapples
Supply 10