Kitty Bast x MEME

About Kitty Bast x MEME

A playful yet sincere exploration of the don’t buy meme culture, inspired by the community.

The pieces are also open to more than one interpretation. Kitty’s work often holds hidden messages for the viewer to unravel.

‘The first rule is simple. Tell me your sins. Don’t buy forgiveness. So many faces have felt the noise. Hiding somewhere in the orange hills and far away. Don’t.’

Farm3 NFTs

A Secret Song

  • 250 left
  • 15 Pineapples + 0.01 ETH
Supply 250

PINeapple Head

  • 100 left
  • 30 Pineapples + 0.1 ETH
Supply 100

The First Rule of MEME Club is...

  • 10 left
  • 45 Pineapples + 1 ETH
Supply 10