Pint Size

About Pint Size

Blockchain Heroes is an original set of digital collectibles inspired by real crypto and blockchain personalities, as well as concepts and trends unique to the space. More than 100 heroes and villains have been released on the WAX blockchain.

Pint Size is what happens when you are inspired to mashup Jack-Jack from The Incredibles with the Memecoin megaverse. Pint-size understands that some problems are best tackled head-on. With his pineapple power suit, he punches through prickly predicaments with panache!

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Pint Size Common

  • 250 left
  • 15 Pineapples + 0.01 ETH
Supply 250

Pint Size Epic

  • 100 left
  • 30 Pineapples + 0.1 ETH
Supply 100

Pint Size Legendary

  • 10 left
  • 45 Pineapples + 1 ETH
Supply 10