Once Upon a Time in Wilder World

About Once Upon a Time in Wilder World

Buckle up as The Wilders and El-Berlin embark on perhaps their most ambitious journey to date. A Metaverse mission, going boldly where no human or machine has gone before. As they climb aboard The SS Wilder, there is no telling where the next destination may be. It could be in the past, possibly the future, one thing is for certain and that is it will be light years away from the ordinary world. To go far, we go together, The Wilders are growing and stronger than ever. All paths lead to Zion, the first city inside of Wilder World.

Included in the 1 of 1 NFT is the first ever in-world footage of Wilder World, a rare glimpse inside the Timeless Temple where The Wilders will be hosting their first event, The Cyber Gala. The collector of this 1/1 NFT will also get a custom Avatar inside Wilder World.

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Road to Zion

  • 100 left
  • 15 Pineapples + 0.1 ETH
Supply 100

Through the Metaverse

  • 50 left
  • 30 Pineapples + 0.25 ETH
Supply 50

Boarding the SS Wilder

  • 10 left
  • 45 Pineapples + 1 ETH
Supply 10