MEME Unipangolin

About MEME Unipangolin

The Polychain Monsters Drop on $MEME is all about the new MEME Unipangolin, the pineapple-themed Pangolin in the Polyverse. However, it lacks the iconic background (The Dancefloor), which was available in Polychain Monsters’ booster packs back in May. Nevertheless, with both NFTs in your wallet, you will be able to breathe life into the adorable all-new Polymon. Your then created MEME Unipangolin will dance to one of the five music styles playing on The Dancefloor (Hip-Hop, Classic, Rock, Salsa and Techno).

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Farm3 NFTs

MEME Unipangolin

  • 250 left
  • 15 Pineapples + 0.01 ETH
Supply 250

MEME Diamond Horn Unipangolin

  • 50 left
  • 30 Pineapples + 0.1 ETH
Supply 50

MEME Glitter Unipangolin

  • 10 left
  • 45 Pineapples + 0.5 ETH
Supply 10