About RedBullRon

I am the creator/co-founder of Crypto Chips, a 3D artist, and music producer from Scranton, PA. I got the name RedBullRon back in 2003 when I started my DJ/Music career. My creative endeavors started with music. I mainly produce house music and can be found on all major streaming platforms. I picked up 3D art are a means to help improve my graphic design skills for marketing and promotions as a DJ. Being a 3D artist started as a way to help with creating stunning images for my music career, but quickly became a passion of mine equal to making music. Fast forward to 2014, I started working at Maxon (the company that develops Cinema 4D & Redshift), and my 3D art education was taken to another level. I will be eternally grateful for what I've learned and continue to learn at Maxon.