About Witch vs. Warlock

A Witch and a Warlock each need six very unusual ingredients to complete a powerful spell. The first to complete the spell will be able to unlock and claim a valuable treasure for his or her most loyal underlings. Who will you help?

We’re all looking forward to MemeX which is around the corner but first we thought we’d have some fun with this community oriented drop!


Choose the Witch side or choose the Warlock side, earn Pineapples, mint MEME collectible cards, have the most cards from the side that’s completely minted first, win a prize! Witch vs. Warlock gamifies minting wars by pitting two sides against each other — as well as the individuals within those sides — in a competition to win a lucrative prize.

How It Will Work

There will be two pools: a Witch pool and a Warlock pool. Each pool will contain six collectible Ingredient Cards (12 cards total to collect). The quantities of each Ingredient Card and the Pineapples required to mint it will vary, but there will be a total supply of 300 cards in each pool.

Note: The card supplies and Pineapple requirements for both the Witch side and Warlock side will mirror one another so there is no initial advantage on choosing one over the other.

You will choose a side, stake MEME to earn the required Pineapples, and mint the Ingredient Cards. There will be no minting fees on the cards.

The winners will come from the side that mints the complete supply of Ingredient Cards the fastest and have the most of that side’s cards. There will be a 1st place winner (60% of prize), a 2nd place winner (30% of prize), and a 3rd place winner (10% of prize). For example, if the Witch side is completely minted first, the top three wallets holding the most Witch Ingredient Cards will come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Prize Pool

$2,500 Initial (see Booster below)

1st Place: $1,500

2nd Place: $750

3rd Place: $250

Prize Booster

At the start of the game, there will be a special 1/1 Witch vs. Warlock Frens card up for auction for 24 hours. 50% of the proceeds from this auction will be added to the prizes! The other 50% of these proceeds will be added to the MemeX Treasury.

Friendly Farming

The max stake in this game is 0.1 MEME per wallet. This means that staking 0.1 MEME will earn you the maximum rate of Pineapples. Even a farmer with just 1 MEME will be able to prepare multiple wallets and play big!

Note: You will have to use multiple wallets to win, but remember to stack your Ingredient Cards into a single wallet before the winning side is minted out!


Collect all 6 ingredient cards from either the Witch side or the Warlock side and claim a rare character card from that side (max possible supply is 20 of each). A snapshot will be taken 24 hours after both pools have sold out.

All the NFTs


Witch vs. Warlock


Witch vs. Warlock


Witch vs. Warlock


Witch vs. Warlock

Doge Idol

Witch vs. Warlock

Pants of a Chad

Witch vs. Warlock

Heavy Bag

Witch vs. Warlock

Decompossing Food

Witch vs. Warlock

Smol Brain

Witch vs. Warlock

Beeple Fur

Witch vs. Warlock

Dose of FUD

Witch vs. Warlock

Rug Fibers

Witch vs. Warlock

Eye of a Pepe

Witch vs. Warlock

Diamond Hand

Witch vs. Warlock